Friday, July 29, 2011

Yes please -we all need more awesome!

Today , 
Having 2 girls is  difficult to say the least . dont get me wrong I adore them both
 But they each have there own things going on - The oldest 15 has decided she should be able to make all of her own decisions .And my 6 year old is - like a wind up toy that never stops.  

 Last night I actually had a moment to go out,   To the Tip Top bar I will post a link -its  a swell 50's bar small enough not to be overwhelming big enough to have amazing shows.
It was the B sides (fantastic) and Los Straight Jackets - fun fun
came home ....happy and a bit tipsy , went to the bathroom opened the closet  door , everything in there was rearranged ..I mean I could not find anything  all goofy , then I hear a tiny voice
"Hi mom!"   oh good my 6 year old is still up :)  and its 1:00am .
so please for the rest of the week "Bring on the Awesome!"

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