Sunday, August 25, 2013

Chris Isaak ...Best day ever !!! twice

One of my favorite singers ever!!  

3 years ago I got to kiss his hand  ..and last month I got to dance on stage 
I love my life xoxo  Chris

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Live from New York.............Dante

It's chilly in Michigan , It seems that we finally got winter.
 took this photo on last week on the way to work (worst driving day so far.)
I have been really buisy/ not just with work but family .
  Right  after the holidays  and the week before my 41st birthday I got a call  for a job in New York!  for a week!

 I loved my client and the models.
I worked till 5 or 6 everyday then went out to explore in the evening  . Thank God for Dante (one of the models) who showed me around and made me laugh till I cried! (photo below)
If I would have visited New York when I was 18 I would still be there .
I love the hustle and bustle  and  all the amazing food!  oh oh the food !
Every day I ate some where new .
My favorite place was a hamburger stand , called

the Shake Shack .
Best hamburger and beer I have ever had!
 I adore travel - and adventure!
The idea of packing everything I need in a bag and leaving  it excites me beyond belief .

the Trailer park lounge / great food  fun
This photo is funny -- Because Colin (on the left) and I were all set up the first day and told we could go relax at the hotel... and then they would not let us check in so we waited a couple of hours in the same spot :)
Im thankful he was there - Because no one in New York really looks at you !
Amazing brunch - Bloody Marys and amazing food

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Ideas and thoughts of a red head gal with glasses  / Visions of work
This year work has been amazing , I get to go on many locations for work  this is the sky looking up at the park  
Mc Sporting goods
some out takes from shoots
This is in Grand Rapids,at Millinium park
I love texture
I work out of my car alot  
The most amazing moments  are early am ones
Im love work it never gets boring new locations all the time /not always fancy as you can see
Beautiful with new stories all the time
GOD I LOVE MY JOB............................Rebecca