Sunday, July 31, 2011

Most favorite setting lotion ever Dudley's

    hair set by me /using Dudley Q's

Up above is a link to buy Dudley Q's
its a great price.

I first started using the setting lotion at school-  It was way on the back shelf -
Its a foamy consistency  / smells amazing/holds fantastic
I have done 100's of roller sets
Hair by Rebecca Gohl make up,The lipstix trix photo by Cleaver Creations/pin up work shop 2010
Photo by Hair by me using DudleyQ's
wet set rollers using DudleyQ's/ Hair by Rebecca Gohl photo by Cleaver Creations

Its really important  to know the pattern you want before you start- If you buy Vintage beauty shop magazines -they have tons of patterns - and practice practice practice-
 Another very important thing when the wet set roller / or Perm rods come out after being under the hood dryer , or letting air dry.
--You need a good Brush -  A Denman Brush works swell - see above photo

-If you have a good  set you can't brush it completely out  (until shampoo)
- But you need to reshape it the way you set it :)

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