Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Halloween idea / here is my inspiration

Eudora is amazing!!
Bewitched is one of my favorite shows ever--

I have an amazing  pajama set from the 60s
Its powder blue - Im gonna have the sleeves cut off and pull string put in the collar -  the hardest part will be the large collar / and making it so I dont look like a huge gal xo

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A tiny Piece of summer/ Mason jars

I  watched my grandma  jar tomatoes, pickles and peaches, I adore everything about canning.
  I loved the smells and the special canning tongs, and the popping of the lids when they sealed
Here are some    reasons why-

-------------------For a Picnic--------------------------------
 If you are going on a picnic, fill jars with lemonade or tea 1 inch less then jar..and add some  cut lemons.
*place upright in freezer for at least an hour.
-Just as your about to leave take  the jars out of the freezer , have cloth napkins ready (you should anyway --it's a picnic!---  wrap  the jars with the napkins and place in picnic basket .    This also keep your food cold , when you get there its  perfect .

another  great idea-- is to use  - Mason Jars  for weddings!!
Makes a wonderful design for the invite 
another amazing wedding invite 

Perfect for a wedding simply and perfect ..and cheap 
Why not buy some beach sand, or save some from the beach, and make this swell votive 
Try goodwill/ garage sales are usually the best/ save then up , have a party us the heck out of them if they break .....who cares you have a case more----plus drinking out of plastic is gross!!!!
perfect for kids birthday partys

Perfect setting, for a wedding, kids party, anniversary 
-Romantic, lovely and fun

you can get cute lids!!!  
Another really neat thing to do is ,  every time you go on vacation, take a mason jar, unless your on an airplane a plastic bag - that can later be placed in a jar.
You can save shells , beach sand, rocks, beach glass, it will be like a time capsule from your trip.
I save all cool shaped glass jars with lids - 
They are also great for  crackers, open candy.
Its so much cooler to see jars full of pancake mix and not the boxes.
And it will stay fresh longer! !! B-O-N-U-S!!!!!!!
This image  even smells like summer to me !!!!!!!!!!
I  love that they make the battery powered candles, perfect when you have small kids, unless your is like mine and turns them off -:)
Xo Rebecca

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Modern shoot with Ryan

Inspiration for shoot
Mother mary/romantic/ goddess

Photography by
hair / make-up and styling- by Rebecca Gohl

Jacalyn G. Wood


 I did not like them at all in the beginning . But now they are  my favorite!
Im gonna show some examples-because Im super visual .
then Im gonna give you a step by step- 
            Items needed- Gel (pink or green) you can but a gallon for cheap at an ethnic store.  Rat tail comb, Hair clips, mirror , pin curl clips (see below)
on another note pin curl clips are amazing for making hair flowers!

Pin curls by Rebecca Gohl/ photo Cleaver creations 2010
  1. Get your hair  completely wet
  2. section hair into sections/other wise you will get lost
  3. add the pink of green gel into on section at a time,this help me make sure i have completely cover all the hair
  4. make rows an inch think either vertically or horizontal sections- I usually start in the back - thats just me- Im gonna post examples
  5. you take your rat tail comb and take a tiny square piece over-directing if you want more volume- and fingering it around your finger until its smooth then use the clip to secure it This  is difficult at first but  if you keep on you will be able to do your own set by feel   while you are watching tv.
  6. After all the c shaped curl are going the right direction and are ready -you can go on with your day  or go under a hooded dryer.
Another way to do Pin curls -is with a curling iron
-I use a marcel Iron 
-setting spray is a must-  
*Kendra ,styling mist
*Hot sets, by Redkin
both work really well but I find it depends on hair texture 
pin curls/ over directed

here is where I use hair pins  while doing make up 

Pin up on the left -I did her pin curls using ,A marcel Iron and Redkin setting spray, after your done curling and pinning I remove all the pins ,spray lightly and brush in the desired shape.
Happy and fun