Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Live from New York.............Dante

It's chilly in Michigan , It seems that we finally got winter.
 took this photo on last week on the way to work (worst driving day so far.)
I have been really buisy/ not just with work but family .
  Right  after the holidays  and the week before my 41st birthday I got a call  for a job in New York!  for a week!

 I loved my client and the models.
I worked till 5 or 6 everyday then went out to explore in the evening  . Thank God for Dante (one of the models) who showed me around and made me laugh till I cried! (photo below)
If I would have visited New York when I was 18 I would still be there .
I love the hustle and bustle  and  all the amazing food!  oh oh the food !
Every day I ate some where new .
My favorite place was a hamburger stand , called

the Shake Shack .
Best hamburger and beer I have ever had!
 I adore travel - and adventure!
The idea of packing everything I need in a bag and leaving  it excites me beyond belief .

the Trailer park lounge / great food  fun
This photo is funny -- Because Colin (on the left) and I were all set up the first day and told we could go relax at the hotel... and then they would not let us check in so we waited a couple of hours in the same spot :)
Im thankful he was there - Because no one in New York really looks at you !
Amazing brunch - Bloody Marys and amazing food