Sunday, July 31, 2011

Modern shoot with Ryan

Inspiration for shoot
Mother mary/romantic/ goddess

Photography by
hair / make-up and styling- by Rebecca Gohl

Jacalyn G. Wood


 I did not like them at all in the beginning . But now they are  my favorite!
Im gonna show some examples-because Im super visual .
then Im gonna give you a step by step- 
            Items needed- Gel (pink or green) you can but a gallon for cheap at an ethnic store.  Rat tail comb, Hair clips, mirror , pin curl clips (see below)
on another note pin curl clips are amazing for making hair flowers!

Pin curls by Rebecca Gohl/ photo Cleaver creations 2010
  1. Get your hair  completely wet
  2. section hair into sections/other wise you will get lost
  3. add the pink of green gel into on section at a time,this help me make sure i have completely cover all the hair
  4. make rows an inch think either vertically or horizontal sections- I usually start in the back - thats just me- Im gonna post examples
  5. you take your rat tail comb and take a tiny square piece over-directing if you want more volume- and fingering it around your finger until its smooth then use the clip to secure it This  is difficult at first but  if you keep on you will be able to do your own set by feel   while you are watching tv.
  6. After all the c shaped curl are going the right direction and are ready -you can go on with your day  or go under a hooded dryer.
Another way to do Pin curls -is with a curling iron
-I use a marcel Iron 
-setting spray is a must-  
*Kendra ,styling mist
*Hot sets, by Redkin
both work really well but I find it depends on hair texture 
pin curls/ over directed

here is where I use hair pins  while doing make up 

Pin up on the left -I did her pin curls using ,A marcel Iron and Redkin setting spray, after your done curling and pinning I remove all the pins ,spray lightly and brush in the desired shape.
Happy and fun

Most favorite setting lotion ever Dudley's

    hair set by me /using Dudley Q's

Up above is a link to buy Dudley Q's
its a great price.

I first started using the setting lotion at school-  It was way on the back shelf -
Its a foamy consistency  / smells amazing/holds fantastic
I have done 100's of roller sets
Hair by Rebecca Gohl make up,The lipstix trix photo by Cleaver Creations/pin up work shop 2010
Photo by Hair by me using DudleyQ's
wet set rollers using DudleyQ's/ Hair by Rebecca Gohl photo by Cleaver Creations

Its really important  to know the pattern you want before you start- If you buy Vintage beauty shop magazines -they have tons of patterns - and practice practice practice-
 Another very important thing when the wet set roller / or Perm rods come out after being under the hood dryer , or letting air dry.
--You need a good Brush -  A Denman Brush works swell - see above photo

-If you have a good  set you can't brush it completely out  (until shampoo)
- But you need to reshape it the way you set it :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Yes please -we all need more awesome!

Today , 
Having 2 girls is  difficult to say the least . dont get me wrong I adore them both
 But they each have there own things going on - The oldest 15 has decided she should be able to make all of her own decisions .And my 6 year old is - like a wind up toy that never stops.  

 Last night I actually had a moment to go out,   To the Tip Top bar I will post a link -its  a swell 50's bar small enough not to be overwhelming big enough to have amazing shows.
It was the B sides (fantastic) and Los Straight Jackets - fun fun
came home ....happy and a bit tipsy , went to the bathroom opened the closet  door , everything in there was rearranged ..I mean I could not find anything  all goofy , then I hear a tiny voice
"Hi mom!"   oh good my 6 year old is still up :)  and its 1:00am .
so please for the rest of the week "Bring on the Awesome!"

1960'S I love you

1960'S  Inspiration
sexy, fun ,ash trays every where 
Photo shoot 
Hair /Make-up-Rebecca Gohl
Photography Dylan Gunnett
Model-Laura Naughtan

Hair and make up -Rebecca Gohl/ photo Dylan Gunnett
used Revlon lip stick below
LIPSTICK- RETRO 60's colors- and affordable as heck!
1960's advertisement
Hair /make up -Rebecca Gohl- photography  Dylan Gunnett
Hair and make up-Rebecca Gohl/ photography-Dylan Gunnett