Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A tiny Piece of summer/ Mason jars

I  watched my grandma  jar tomatoes, pickles and peaches, I adore everything about canning.
  I loved the smells and the special canning tongs, and the popping of the lids when they sealed
Here are some    reasons why-

-------------------For a Picnic--------------------------------
 If you are going on a picnic, fill jars with lemonade or tea 1 inch less then jar..and add some  cut lemons.
*place upright in freezer for at least an hour.
-Just as your about to leave take  the jars out of the freezer , have cloth napkins ready (you should anyway --it's a picnic!---  wrap  the jars with the napkins and place in picnic basket .    This also keep your food cold , when you get there its  perfect .

another  great idea-- is to use  - Mason Jars  for weddings!!
Makes a wonderful design for the invite 
another amazing wedding invite 

Perfect for a wedding simply and perfect ..and cheap 
Why not buy some beach sand, or save some from the beach, and make this swell votive 
Try goodwill/ garage sales are usually the best/ save then up , have a party us the heck out of them if they break .....who cares you have a case more----plus drinking out of plastic is gross!!!!
perfect for kids birthday partys

Perfect setting, for a wedding, kids party, anniversary 
-Romantic, lovely and fun

you can get cute lids!!!  
Another really neat thing to do is ,  every time you go on vacation, take a mason jar, unless your on an airplane a plastic bag - that can later be placed in a jar.
You can save shells , beach sand, rocks, beach glass, it will be like a time capsule from your trip.
I save all cool shaped glass jars with lids - 
They are also great for  crackers, open candy.
Its so much cooler to see jars full of pancake mix and not the boxes.
And it will stay fresh longer! !! B-O-N-U-S!!!!!!!
This image  even smells like summer to me !!!!!!!!!!
I  love that they make the battery powered candles, perfect when you have small kids, unless your is like mine and turns them off -:)
Xo Rebecca